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What Careers Are Available to Trained Forklift Operators?
Individuals who have received forklift and order picker training are more competitive in the job market because employers recognize the importance of hiring highly trained employees.
Most employers seek out individuals who have been properly trained and licenced to ensure they understand how to handle the equipment and how to maintain their forklift or order picker.
Individuals who have received forklift and order picker operator training from Absolute Training Sydney are qualified to take on a variety of careers, including working for major retailers, large warehouses, construction sites, and shipping and freight companies.

Those individuals who have received the necessary training can begin careers that could earn them in excess of $30 dollars an hour.

In addition, those who qualify will have access to our highly effective job placement assistance that may help you put your new skills to use. There's no reason not to act now!

But you don't have to take our word for it, just read what our past graduates have to say about their experiences in the program:

The huge variety of start times and courses we offer should make certain that you come across the perfect match for your needs. Training can be performed at our Sydney training centre location or at your workplace facility. Each course can be tailored to your specific equipment and workplace.

Our Training Centre, situated in Sydney, is considered by many customers and accrediting agents as being one of the most ideal training facilities in Sydney dedicated to offering specialist forklift truck training and order picker licence training. It is used by both corporate customers and private clients (general public) who wish to obtain their 'forklift and order picker licence'.

As An Accredited Training Company:
We use qualified and experienced instructors only
We follow course curricula approved by the accrediting body, and train to their approved standards
We are subject to regular supervising visits by the accrediting body
Our training is carried out in appropriate premises, which may be our dedicated Sydney forklift training centre or an area set aside for this purpose at an employer's premises.
You can be sure that all training we carry out is of the highest standard.

Sydney Forklift Licence - LF Class - Forklift Courses & Assessment
Absolute Training Sydney runs Nationally Recognised TLILIC0003 (LF Class) Forklift Training Licencing Courses 7 days a week. We run courses daily, Monday to Sunday, 7 am to 3 pm. We can also offer night courses (by demand) evening hours are 5 pm to 9 pm Monday To Friday.

LF Sydney Forklift Courses Monday To Friday 8am to 3pm
The time frame for delivery and assessment of our forklift licence training course is approximately 2 days. Our 2-day forklift licence training course is designed not only for experienced operators but for anyone with little or no experience driving forklifts. Generally, Forklift Training Courses require recommended specific hours. However, if you can provide us with prior learning in both knowledge and driving skills then this can certainly help to possibly shorten the length of the training you may need.

In terms of the actual structure of our training program, it would not be accurate to assume the training program to be overly stiff or academic. The truth of the matter is Absolute's forklift training program can actually be fun and enjoyable. The training program will cover all vital areas of the criterior to enhance your forklift learning experience.

Course Study material can be picked up from our training centre or we can email all material to our students. It is required that you Study This Prior To Commencement Of Your Course!

Additional Training & Assessment Conditions
Our courses are designed for anyone with good English, reading, and writing skills and can drive either a car or a forklift. Additional training may be required if you do not meet the above criteria and further costs will then apply. All our courses include training and your assessment. A deposit of $245 is payable at the time of your enrolment to secure your booking Monday to Friday, evening, and weekend courses require payment in full upon booking and the remainder of the course cost is to be paid on commencement of training. Extra training days are available at a cost of $100 per day Monday to Friday or $150 for a Sunday if required. SafeWork Assessment Retests cost $200 Monday to Friday or $250 on a Sunday.

Our Refund Policy
If you cancel your course within 3 business days prior to the course commencement date a $245 per head cancellation fee is incurred. Should you wish to reschedule within 3 business days prior to your course start date a $100 rescheduling fee is incurred.

If you do not attend the second training day of your course you will forfeit that training day, an additional day will be charged at a cost of $100 for Monday To Friday (bookings must be made with a reception for your return) or $150 for Saturday or Sunday day courses and evening courses.

Course Study Requirements
Course participants are required to learn and study all the pre-course material provided to you after your course enrolment confirmation. All the information contained within the provided Forklift Pre-course Study Guide contains information to questions you may and will be asked during your WorkCover assessment. Please Learn This Material Prior To Starting Your Course! All the Questions must be answered correctly to pass the examination. The assessment involves both the practical / driving, practical /checks, and theory questions and calculation components.

Forklift Training Course Duration
Courses run daily from 7 am to 3 pm which includes a coffee break and a lunch break. New courses start daily Monday to Friday or you can do a course on Saturday and Sunday if working restricts you from attending Monday to Friday.

Day One
Consists of full training in both the theory and practical components. All criterior you are required to do in your assessment will be delivered on this day.

Day Two
Consists of further training and revision and a formative assessment of the previous days learning in the morning with progression to the full Safework assessment in the afternoon if ready. Students not ready will be required to attend the third day at an extra charge of $100.

Day Three Or More If Required
Will cost $100 and maybe split to accommodate a student with more study time for theory or driving practice. Consists of further training and revision and a formative assessment of the previous two training days learning in the morning with progression to the full WorkCover assessment in the afternoon.

Training Course Results Forklift Course Assessment
Participants will receive notification results of their assessment upon completion of the course. If successful, a forklift license fee of ($72.50) is required to be paid to Australia Post who will then forward it onto SafeWork for the issue of your nationally recognised forklift photo licence Note: (This must be done within 60 days of the completion of your assessment) failure to comply will result in the need for retesting at further costs.

What Must I Bring To My Forklift Training Course
Please ensure that you bring originals of the following:
Identification 100 points (refer to attached ID requirements list in your pre-course material)
Fully enclosed footwear, eg running shoes, Steel caps NO THONGS or SANDALS
Black Pen and pocket calculator

Please note: If you do not bring the right identification for your Workcover/ Safework Assessment you will not be tested and further costs will be incurred by you.

All trainees must be 18 years of age or older to undertake the licence assessment. They must also provide proof of identification as per Safework NSW. This information will be issued prior to the training. If a trainee has already undertaken an LF licence assessment at any other time we must be notified prior to your course commencement.

Not Sure Which Course Option Is Best For You?
For more information on which course is best suited to you, simply speak to one of our helpful staff at Absolute Training Sydney on 8678-3444 or 8678-1571

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