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Forklift refresher training Hoxton Park NSW


Corporate NSW Forklift & Orderpicker Training On-Site


Are All Your Forklift Operators Licenced!!!!!!!

If any of your HRW forklift or order picker licence holders do not have a current photo on their forklift or order picker licence regardless if it has no expiry date ( and they tell you its a licence for life) then they are unlicenced. Your operator and your company could be liable for large fines or worse if they have a serious accident.To find out if your licence is valid ring WorkCover on 13 10 50 or call us and we will help you get re-licenced with one of our many High-Risk Work forklift & order picker licence training courses.

Specials For All Onsite Training 3 Or More Staff

Why You Can't Afford To Wait!
Every minute spent, putting off getting your staff licenced is increasing the chances that one of them will have an accident or near-miss on your site. Why leave yourself vulnerable to workplace injuries and staff downtime when you don't need to? Getting all your operators licenced doesn't have to be a painful or expensive exercise. In fact, it can all be arranged and done in practically no time at all.

What's Needed To Do A Forklift Course
Absolute Training Sydney will visit your workplace to run forklift training seminars with your employees, getting them licensed, refreshing their skills, or just familiarizing them with all current up to date forklift operating procedures and regulations.

All of our forklift license training courses require the theory elements and practical training elements of the WorkCover licencing with direct supervision from our qualified trainers. Employers will need to allocate small blocks of study time and driving time (under supervision from a licenced operator) for your staff to prepare for the Forklift Licence Assessment. Usual time frames for forklift licencing can take anywhere between two and three full days of preparation for someone who has never driven a forklift to complete a forklift course, this rough time frame can either be broken up over a number a weeks with study/practice sessions, done in large blocks or delivered full time over two or three days face to face with a Trainer, or you could enroll in our weekend courses (a small surcharge is required) to offset any business interruptions.

How would you like to have real confidence in knowing that all of your forklift operators are licenced, and properly trained?

Absolute Training Sydney courses are structured to suit you. Regardless of your staff need a little training or lots of training. Refresher training, after hours or weekend training, or just a licence test.



We bring the licences to you! You can have your crew licensed at your site or at our modern training centre if needed. Guaranteeing that all your staff is licenced as soon as possible, with minimal disruption to your workplace.
Our team of WH&S experts is only a phone call away to keep you up to date with all the new laws and regulations affecting you and your workplace.
We offer great training package deals for licencing multiple staff. Making sure you will get the best value for your money, regardless of the size of the job.
Absolute Training Sydney conducts training and licensing right across NSW as well as the ACT by request. Please note additional fees may apply outside Sydney Metropolitan Area. Regional NSW and interstate bookings must be made in advance.

Getting all your operators forklift licenced can be a quick and easy exercise!

What use is it sending your work staff to be trained using someone else's machinery? We can train them on how they should operate your equipment properly, therefore increasing the safety and productivity of your worksite!

Onsite Forklift Training Courses Sydney moderate training consists of three face to face training sessions including WorkCover/Safework licence test. The initial session runs for approximately 4 hrs depending on student numbers, session two and three are approx 2 hours each in duration and the licence testing takes between 4-5 hours depending again on student numbers. Each forklift training session is tailored closely around your schedule and is designed to provide minimal disruption to your business as possible. If required, practical training can include normal workplace duties including unloading/loading of trucks picking orders, etc... so your production still flows where possible. Students will have Theory and Calculation Study and Driving and Safety Checks Practice to complete between Trainers visits and the necessary study time and driving time will need to be allocated.

Onsite Sydney Forklift Courses full training can be delivered using a variety of different training session schedules. Standard courses consist of either two 4 hr sessions followed by the SafeWork licence testing or two days of training followed by the WorkCover licence testing.

Students Will Be Trained & Assessed In The Following:

  • Driving and operating a Forklift safely.

  • Application Legislation

  • Operator responsibilities

  • Design Feature/ Engineering Principles

  • Stability Characteristics

  • Operator Inspections

  • Operating Techniques

  • Pick-up and place loads

  • Manoeuvre/ Position loads

  • Negotiate to identify hazards indoor/outdoor

  • Correct Parking & shut down equipment

Course Details

  • Introduction

  • Relevant Australian Standards, Legislation, and Regulations

  • OHS/WHS policies

  • Codes of Practice

  • Manufacturers' specifications and instructions

  • Risk assessment and hazards

  • Forklift attachments

  • Conduct routine checks and plan work

  • Safe Operations

  • Shift loads

  • Shut down equipment and secure site

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