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Q. How Do I Make The Booking For A Course?
A. You can call us on (02) 8678-3444. Also you can just E-mail your name, phone number and the course you're interested in and one of our friendly staff will contact you directly.

Q. How Can I Make Payment?
A. Once you make a booking we will send you confirmation via E-mail. You can make Payments by credit card, bank deposit or pay in person prior to the course commencement. You Must Pay A Course Deposit Of $245 to secure your course position. All instructions will be included in the E-mail.

Q. I Want To Study Before The Course Begins, (We Recommend This Highly) What Materials Shall I Need?
A. Each course requires different study material, once you make the deposit payment we will send you the study material to give you a good start before attending your preferred course.

Q. I Have A Forklift Licence From Overseas Can I Use This To Operate A Forklift In Australia?
A. NO, To Drive Or Operate a Forklift or Order Picker in Australia You Must Obtain Your Licence In Australia From A Registered Training Organisation.

Q. I have A Logbook For My Work Do I Need A Forklift License?

A. YES!, SafeWork no longer accepts Logbooks unless issued through a Registered Training Organisation, these logbooks are only issued on commencement of a Forklift Licence Training Course , you must have the required HRW workcover/ safework license to operate any Forklift or Order Picker in Australia.

Q. I Have A Old License Issued By WorkCover Or The DLI, Will It Be Valid To Operate Forklift?
A. NO, Licenses issued before 1997 have expired. Licenses that have no photos issued prior to 2004 must be upgraded to new photo license. For More Information Contact WorkCover / Safework.

Q. What Identification Do I Need To Bring On The Day Of The Assessment?
A. It is mandatory to produce 100 points of identification for all High Risk Licence Assessments. You must remember NO IDENTIFICATION, NO ASSESSMENT, Our friendly office staff will also help you with what's required when booking.

Q. What Days Are Your Courses Run For Forklift (LF) And Order Picker (LO)?
A. All courses run from 7.30AM to 3.00PM seven days a week our weekend courses run every weekend. Different courses run on different days, we also run night courses every week you can current dates of night courses when you enquire to make a booking.

Q. Are Your Training Centres Located Near Public Transport?
A. Yes, our sydney seven hills training centre it is located a short walking distance from Seven Hills Railway Station. We also have buses that come from Seven Hills Railway Station or Parramatta Railway Station right to our front door. Check public transport bus and train time tables for precise times. Our Newcastle Rutherford Training Centre is ten minutes from maitland railway station. Check bus and train time tables for exact times.

Q. Do You Offer On-Site Training? What Is Included In The Training?
A. We can save you time & money by coming to your site. The training steps are as follows:

  • Cost can start from as low as $300 per person depending on numbers you enrol.

  • Small Fees & Charges may apply for areas outside of Sydney or Weekend & Night Training.

  • Initial Training. The trainer will go through the theory and practical requirements and allot various tasks for improvement to each individual student.

  • Pre-assessment training. Students will undertake a formative/qualifying theory and calculations test and demonstrate practical driving & Pre-Post-Operational Checks to make sure they are ready for the workcover assessment.

  • Assessment. WorkCover/ Worksafe Assessor will come to your site to conduct Assessments for licencing.

Q. What You Need To Provide For On-Site Training?
A. Compliant forklift: Data plate attached and readable, forklift in good condition with lights, horn, etc working.

  • Suitable Training facilities: Table & chairs, Boardroom, lunchroom or similar.

  • One of the following: 3 levels of racking - Stacks of pallets - the back of a truck - Containers - split levels - etc.

  • Suitable loads: Pallets, skids etc with secure loads.

  • Suitable area for driver training: enough room for manoeuvring forklifts inside or outside.

Q. Advantages For On-Site Training?
A. You're not paying for time off during the training.

  • The students are comfortable within the workplace training environment.

  • The students are familiar with the equipment they will be using daily.

  • More time and flexibility allowed for study & driver training.

  • Flexibility with training times around your busy time tables.

  • You can observe & monitor the training progress of your employee's.

Q. Do You Have Conditions For Booking A Course Onsite Or At Your Forklift Training Centre?
A. YES, when you make any Course booking, you must support the following conditions.

  • No cancellation or re-scheduling is permitted within 3 business days prior to the course commencing, once your booking is confirmed.

  • If you fail to attend a course for any reason, except illness (conditions apply) there is no re-fund of the course fee.

  • Once the course has commenced & you fail to return on the designated day or time there will be no refund or re-scheduling of the fee for any reason.

  • Refunds must be applied for in writing by completing a Refund Application Form.

  • All Courses must be completed by student within 3 months of the original booking date.

Q. What Are The General Refund Policies of Absolute Forklift Training?
A. Kindly note the following refund polices of Absolute Forklift Training.

  • No Postage fees will be refunded.

  • If a class is cancelled by Absolute Forklift Training at any time, participants have the option of re-scheduling to the next available date or receive a full refund of course fees paid.

  • No further monies will be paid for any other expenses the participant has or may incur.

  • If you cancel your course the cost of Training/Course materials will be deducted from the refund.

  • Refunds must be applied for in writing by completing a refund course fee application form.

  • If your refund is approved, money will be returned to you by bank transfer only.

  • If the course fee was paid by a third party, the third party will be refunded the course fee.

Q. What Are The Conditions For On-Site Training And Assessment?
A. Kindly note the following conditions of all on-site training and assessments.

  • If re-scheduling is required for on-site training then 3 days prior notice is required or a re-booking fee will be incurred.

  • Less than 48 hours notice of cancellation or re-scheduling prior to commencement of training will incur a fee.

  • It is a condition of on-site training that participants follow the training schedules given to them by the Trainer.

  • It is a condition of on-site training that participants are operating equipment on the RTO's Training records & must be filled out correctly.

  • It is a condition of on-site Training that the participating Company must allocate time on equipment for trainee's to practice.

  • Absolute Forklift Training reserves the right to reclaim all training records & terminate training without refund if it finds that the RTO's training requirements are not being met.

  • If the Trainer arrives to conduct Training for any on-site work & are unable to conduct the Training due to unsafe Machinery or Plant conditions a fee will be incurred.

  • If the Workcover/SafeWork Assessor arrives to conduct Assessing for any on-site work and the participants are unable to attend for any reason extra fees per applicant will be incurred.

Q. What Are Absolute Forklift Training Policies And Conditions?
A. Kindly note the following policy conditions of Absolute Forklift Training or refer to our terms and conditions or web site for more details.

  • Absolute Training Sydney have the right to refuse training to any person who shows any form of Bullying, Harassment, intimidating or aggressive behaviour towards our staff and students.

  • Absolute Forklift Training reserves the right to refuse Training to individuals who participate in deliberate unsafe driving, erratic or dangerous behaviour when operating any equipment.

  • If the Trainer or any other staff member feels that any person demonstrates any of the above, they will be asked to the office for referral back to Absolute Forklift Training Policies.

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